Hive Mind - A mobile device monitoring and inventory application

One of the best open source contributions from BBC :
HiveMind  - device monitoring and inventory application
Hive CI  - Connect your physical devices to a hive and run your tests on the same platforms as your users Hive Scheduler - This is the hive web application for scheduling tests and viewing results
Hive Runner - This is the component that detects devices and runs the tests. You can install runners on multiple machines and they will all run tests from the scheduler and report results back in. Testmine - Testmine is an optional results engine for HiveCI. It is a seperate application that stores detailed reports of your test runs, and lets you investigate trends in test performance. Hive CI Device-centric CI

Three amigios | CI - CD - Test Automation

Architecting for CI/CD - DZone DevOps Learn how companies must change their software architecture to fully take advantage of continuous integration and delivery and implement effective DevOps.

Modern JS Cheatsheet - React and more

mbeaudru/modern-js-cheatsheet modern-js-cheatsheet - Cheatsheet for the JavaScript knowledge you will frequently encounter in modern projects.

The future of web development and perhaps Test Automation

Here is what in my opinion would be the next thing test automation tools would do:
Deep Learning + Building code just by using images as input!

Project pix2code: Generating Code from a Graphical User Interface Screenshot

Here is a demo of how it works:

Transforming a graphical user interface screenshot created by a designer into computer code is a typical task conducted by a developer in order to build customized software, websites, and mobile applications. In this paper, we show that deep learning methods can be leveraged to train a model end-to-end to automatically generate code from a single input image with over 77% of accuracy for three different platforms (i.e. iOS, Android and web-based technologies).

Official research page:

Here is the github Project:

AWS in Plain English!

Run an App Services No matter what you do with AWS you'll probably end up using these services as everything else interacts with them. EC2Should have been called
Amazon Virtual ServersUse this to
Host the bits of things you think of as a computer.It's like","It's handwavy, but EC2 instances are similar to the virtual private servers you'd get at Linode, DigitalOcean or Rackspace. IAMShould have been called
Users, Keys and CertsUse this to
Set up additional users, set up new AWS Keys and policies. S3Should have been called
Amazon Unlimited FTP ServerUse this to
Store images and other assets for websites. Keep backups and share files between services. Host static websites. Also, many of the other AWS services write and read from S3.
S3 in Plain English S3 Buckets of Objects  VPCShould have been called
Amazon Virtual Colocated RackUse this to
Overcome objections that "all our stuff is on the internet!" by adding an additional laye…